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Your Website Should Have All The Features That Makes It Extension To Your Business

Our website developers and designers don’t just build websites; they build your business with SEO-optimized features that represent your brand and showcase your products and services with a maximized result guarantee. Be assured that all the codes and tools needed to convert your simple web pages to user-friendly ones are incorporated into our web design services that turn your customers into money-making machines.
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Affordable Website Design and Development Packages

The Most Optimal SEO Services for e-Stores

Creating and maintaining a website has never been easy because it requires you to cover many aspects. These aspects vary from color, theme, user interface, user experience, search engine optimization, content, page loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and more. In addition, you need to make sure that these components can show who you are to attract the right customers. This is a complicated and time-consuming process, and you may not complete all these tasks perfectly.

Therefore, Future Tech Care comes to help with our comprehensive Website Design and Development Packages with numerous features at affordable prices. All plans are well-designed to meet the requirements of different business levels for you to pick the most suitable one easily.

Future Tech Care Has Considerable Expertise In The Following CMS

No matter whether you want to opt for an open-source or hosted platform, Future Tech Care can help. Let’s check a list of CMS we can offer our Web Design & Development Packages.


Plans And Pricing

CMS Website Packages

Our Website Design and Development Packages have three different plans at affordable prices for you to choose from. Each plan covers a wide range of tasks so that you can pick the perfect one for your business requirements.

Website Features

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  • Content Pages (Up To)
  • Custom Layout Design
  • Navigation Menu & Sub-Menu
  • Responsive Design
  • Functional Contact Form
  • Social Media Integration
  • WordPress Platform
  • SEO Friendly Code
  • Sitemap Integration
  • SSL Certificate Installation
  • Search Engine Optimization & Submission
  • Initial SEO Setup
  • Speed Optimization
  • XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics
  • NAP Optimization
  • Market & Competitor Analysis
  • Schema Optimization
  • Support Response (Month)


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Plans And Pricing

Ecommerce Website Packages

We also offer Website Design and Development Packages for those who want to be online sellers. There are also three pricing plans for you to choose from and quickly get your Ecommerce website go live.

Website Features

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  • Premium Theme
  • Install CMS & Setup WooCommerce
  • Products in Inventory (Up To)
  • Products in Inventory
  • Shipping & Tax Options
  • Setup Language, Currency
  • Categories Optimization
  • Shopping Cart
  • Multiple Payment Options Setup
  • Product Detail Page
  • Multiple Product Image
  • Customer Review Management
  • Newsletter
  • Speed Optimization
  • XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics
  • NAP Optimization
  • Discount Coupon Add
  • Live Chat Setup




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Team up With Future Tech Care Web Design and Development Expert


In-Depth Site Analysis

Our web design & development professionals will check your website's indicators to determine its current situation. This helps us prepare a better plan to improve its interface and backend-related issues.

SEO-Optimized Website

We ensure the optimization of your website by clearing duplicated content, enhancing code quality, adding social signals, and more. All these efforts are for greater visibility of your site on search engines.

UI and UX Customization

Our webmasters will create a customized UI/UX design to match the descriptions of your target customers. YesAssistant aims to bring about a personalized experience to attract the right clients.

Social Media Integration

Our Web Design & Development Packages’ features include integrating social media accounts with your website. By doing this, you have more chances to show different aspects of your business and interact with customers easily.

Media Files Optimization

High-resolution media files are important factors in improving the satisfaction of your website visitors. Thus, we help you ensure the quality of images and videos uploaded to every page of your website.

Extensions & Plugins Integration

After analyzing your website, YesAssistant will add suitable extensions, modules, or plugins based on your website’s current demands. This helps you manage your site efficiently, quickly, and automatically later.

Responsive Design

Don’t worry about website responsiveness. Our experts will make your site readable on all devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Therefore, your customers can access your website easily.

Website Speed Optimization

Slow loading speed not only makes your website visitors lose patience and exit your site but also affects your rankings on search engines. Our website specialist will put great effort to make your pages run more smoothly and thus lower the time of loading significantly.

Total Control to You

The business owner is someone who has complete control over the site. Therefore, our webmaster needs to update the working progress regularly, and only when you give us permission can we access the backend of your website.

Full-Service Web Design Support

YesAssistant can cover a wide range of website design tasks according to customers' specific requirements. Besides, we can adjust the design style for different niches, so you don’t have to look any further.

Website Design & Development Process

We take step by step to design and develop your website to ensure no task is missed.

Start Your Dream Project With Us

Gather Requirements

Future Tech Care expects to have thorough discussions with our customers to determine what your desired website would look like. These are valuable details for us to prepare a comprehensive plan before starting to beautify and strengthen your website afterward.

Do a Trend Check

Next, our webmaster will look for the latest website design trends. This gives us an idea of what color palette or design style we should opt for to help your website stay outstanding among the others.

Create Wireframes

Our web design and development specialist continues to work on creating website wireframes. In other words, we list what should be included on each page and outline what elements are arranged through your website.

Bringing Design Alive

After having a sketch draft of what your website looks like, it’s time for Future Tech Care to put the page elements in their proper positions. During the process, we may make changes to the original wireframes to ensure the balance of every website component.

Performance Check

To ensure the best work results, our web designer will double-check the arrangement of your website by switching to preview mode. Plus, we work on the mobile interface to see whether it performs perfectly on multiple devices as we expect.

Going Live

The final step of this process is publishing the website. To do so, you need to provide a web hosting, domain name, and SSL certificate (in the case of an open-source platform). Then, your website is ready to welcome visitors coming to your pages via search queries.

Taking Great Advantages Of A Professionally-Designed And Responsive Website

A usably-designed website is a critical factor to customer attraction, while a fully-developed site counts as an internal strength to help your business operate flawlessly.

What Contributes

To A Successful Website


An easy-to-navigate website puts the first impression on visitors and decides how they comment about your site. Hence, Future Tech Care highly prioritizes the functionality of a website.

Clean Coding

The quality of backend code is a key element for the search engine to rank a website. Besides, clean code helps the site developers quickly find and fix the errors in case any problems arise.


A website's usability is displayed in how we layout the headlines and content of each section. A highly-usable interface will lower the bounce rate and keep customers browsing the pages longer, leading to a higher chance of sales conversion.


Many customers access your website on their phones or other devices rather than desktops. This forces us to ensure responsiveness so that your website interface looks good on every screen.

Effective Security

A high level of security protects your website from being hacked by cybercrimes. This guarantees regular business operations and thus gains trust from customers who leave their information on your website for the checkout process.

Top-Rated Customized Web Development Services

A streamlined website has a direct relationship with the customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, Future Tech Care has set up comprehensive web development packages with basic and advanced features. You can pick the most suitable plan to get a customized website maintenance service on a budget.

Affordable Website Design Packages

A custom website interface not only attracts customers to visit but also displays the “color” of your brand. Our web design experts will work closely on your business value, mission, customers, and other specific desires to bring the best “artwork” you’re looking for at an affordable price.

Future Tech Care eCommerce SEO Packages Benefit Online Merchants in Many Ways

If you’re seeking broader coverage, higher website traffic, greater sales, and profits, our eCommerce SEO Packages are what you need

Small Business

Starter Kit Package.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Starting at $299

Stationery Design

Starting at $299

Logo Design

Starting at $59

Brochure & Banners

Starting at $299


Check Out Frequently Asked Questions for Web Design & Development Packages

Website packages cover a reservoir of tasks and if you still have questions about this service, let’s take a look at the following answers.

Depending on the package you choose, the price will vary. Every package we have developed is a monthly plan. And our basic package starts at $499.

You can pay us through any of the popular payment gateways you are comfortable with! We receive payments through PayPal, Stripe, etc. If you want to make your payments through direct wire transfer, in that case, you are also welcome!


If you choose our email marketing package, the answer would be a resounding no! Our experts will deliver quality content as part of the campaign. We won’t charge any extra bucks for that.

You’re always welcome to call us to waive our mentioned amount. Directly contact (888) 876-1048, and we’ll surely offer an attractive discount for your desired annual subscription.

Considering the expansion of your business, you should take a decision regarding this. For the startup company, we suggest starting with our basic package. Considering the outcome, you can consider taking our more extensive packages.

Of course! Our team is always open to hearing from you and providing necessary assistance, no matter what phase you’re in and what you are dealing with!

To avoid spamming, we sometimes limit our email sending and receiving rate (without harming your business). The answer might vary depending on the package, the campaign type, the niches, etc. So, there is no specific number we can mention. Contact us and share your business details. Analyzing the full details, we can inform the estimated number.


Any Other Question?

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